Time Lapse Photography Production

Time lapse production videos offe clients first class visual solutions to aid their marketing. Only a few years ago Time Lapse was mainly used in big Hollywood productions because of high costs and specialised equipment needed. With the advance of photographic equipment anyone can enjoy the benefits of Time Lapse Videos in their productions at up to 6K resolution. Whether your video is designated for the web, network television or cinema I am dedicated in providing my clients with superior video & photography production services. My passion combined with experience, enthusiasm and integrity make my company the best visual solution for your production.

Since I was a child, I was fascinated with watching BBC documentaries. Their cinematography was always of the highest level. I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Always imaged myself behind the camera recording those spectacular views, animals, people and cityscapes all over the world. The part that interested me the most was their use of time lapse production to show all the things that happen slowly around us. Things we don’t normally notice. How the weather changes and clouds form. How different plants grow, how they ‘dance’ and move around, react to changes around them. Some of these things take hours and others days, weeks or months to record and this is what makes recording them even more interesting.

Dedication is the key

It’s the process, which requires a lot of dedication and patience, that makes it so appealing to me. Time Lapse production is often a massive challenge. Sometimes I had to climb some steep hills and mountains, carrying 25kg of equipment on my back to get the shots I wanted for just 20 seconds of video. I remember people passing by calling me crazy and asking if it was worth it? The videos I took that day were selected by BBC Earth and featured on their channel with over 400k views just on their Facebook page alone, so yes, definitely worth it. Since starting 7 years ago I have recorded and produced over 500 time lapse videos. A lot of them have sold all over the world to different broadcasters, producers and advertisers.

Specialised footage

I have a dedicated time lapse production studio where I shoot all sorts of plants, mushrooms and other flora growing, blooming and changing. I also shoot a lot of landscape and cityscape time lapses for different promotional and advertising purposes as well as online stock footage of up to 6K quality. Time lapse is a great way for many companies like construction. Where a whole project that takes months from start to finish can be presented in just a couple of minutes. Challenging projects are definitely my specialism so please do get in touch if you have an idea that might sound impossible pull off. I am confident I can help with even most demanding visions you might have.

I have over 400 stock videos available in my collection on Shutterstock, click here to view my footage portfolio