Amazon Product Photography Services

Amazon Product Photography┬áis a very specialised service designed for all current and new Amazon sellers. The first thing buyers see when browsing through Amazon is the main product image. Having a great first product picture is the difference between success and failure. Make sure you STAND OUT from the crowd and generate more clicks and sales. Only since January 2019 more than 80,000 new sellers joined the Amazon UK Marketplace. Don’t fall behind and BOOK your PRODUCT PHOTO SHOOT today.

What pictures do you need for Amazon?

Amazon allows for 7-9 product pictures.

The first one should be the main product image on pure white background.

The other photos should show your product in use or from other angles.

You can have a combination of more white background shots, or different colour backdrops.

You can show your product in lifestyle setting or in use by a model.

You can add infographic images that give detailed info about your product’s unique selling points.

Fancy water splash or smoke effects on artistic backgrounds or styled sets, No Problem.

Just give us a call and we promise to exceed your expectations every time!



Here is a link to Amazon Photography guidelines and Product Image Requirements: